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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My whole self feels like one very exhuberant exclamation point at the moment, as I am extremely happy for no apparent reason. Maybe it was the fact that I went walking to class this afternoon with no coat and it was sunny and beautiful and it smelled like autumn outside and nothing really seemed too tough to deal with or important enough to fret over.

I saw two students outside Johnston Hall who looked exactly as if they were in the middle of breaking up at that exact moment and I wanted to go over and hug them both and tell them not to be so sad because there is someone out there for everyone, and even though people are often transitory in your life, the times you have with them are not diminished by their passing out of your life.

This is your assignment for the day: The next time you have somewhere to go, pretend that you have no idea how to get there. This means you will have to stop and ask for directions, for help from some stranger. Smile at them and ask them to show you the way, because sometimes even if we know where we would like to go, we need help and mercy from other people to get there.

Be grateful for every experience.


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