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Saturday, December 10, 2005

I just wrote my first exam of the semester, and Lo, It Was Good. It was Dr. Schacker's Children's Lit, and I owned that exam.  I'm still all euphoric, so complete was my owning of said exam.

All my words are gone, though.  That is the price we pay for zee writing of zee two hour essay exams.

In other news, there is one finished, fringed Gryffindor scarf sitting on my desk upstairs, and this is inordinately pleasing.  It is a Christmas gift for a someone, and I am glad to have yet another gift taken care of.  It was knit almost entirely while listening to an audiobook of Ursula K. LeGuin's A Wizard of Earthsea, because I am a big fat sucker for young adult fantasy.  Screw literary pretentions!  I want dragons!  mages!  princesses in high towers throwing themselves out of windows down upon the moor in wild, outrageous fits of grief!

Okay, so that last bit doesn't happen in WoE, but you get the idea.  Besides, audiobooks and knitting work so harmoniously together, I simply cannot resist it.  I did enjoy the book, although LeGuin's constant harping on 'The Shadow' and its unknown nature (its nature is so very very obvious to anyone with half a brain) was a bit heavy handed, even if it did come as a result of her usual tone of talking down to youth readers.  Her premise of true names and the value and power of true naming was an interesting conceit, and it was a delight to hear Harlan Ellison do the reading.  He's expressive and intense, and really does the story justice.  Track this one down if you have the inclination, and you won't be disappointed.


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