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Monday, February 20, 2006

Yarn, how I love thee...

Reading week has been nice, so far. Saturday, Derek and Liz and I made a trip to Ancaster, which is where the yarn lives. There's a nice little yarn store there called The Needle Emporium. Before we left, this is what my sock looked like:

Dusty wisely opted to stay behind. As you can see, there are in fact moments in which the Beast sleeps. He looks so peaceful, so peaceable, but of course he's awake and a nuisance just as often. I love him all the same.

I didn't have the camera out much, but I couldn't resist snagging a picture of The Fabulous Liz. We went to Ancaster in hopes of finding yarn to make something pretty for her. We succeeded in this endeavour, and that accounts for the smile pictured below.

This is what my sock looked like once we got home and had spent a little time just hanging out:

It is so snuggly, so soft, so warm. I've already cast on for the next one, in order to avoid the much-abhorred Second-Sock Syndrome.

Saturday was a nice day. Posted by Picasa


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