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Friday, February 17, 2006

Yarn is, surprisingly, a very nice thing to photograph. Perhaps that has something to do with the profusion of knitting blogs in this age.

For instance, I seem to have a thing for socks at the moment.

This is Fleece Artist 100% merino sock yarn. The colourway is actually very green, with shots of pink and purple and gray throughout. I'm using it to make...

knitty's pomatomus socks! I fell in love with this pattern, well, not at first sight, but I fell in love nonetheless. I was actually really put off by the photography at first, but then I noticed a few completed and in-progress pomatomi on the livejournal knitting community, so I decided to jump right in. The yarn was purchase at the not-so-local yarn store in Ancaster, Ontario.

This gorgeous stuff is Classic Elite Yarn's Waterspun 100% merino kettle-dyed felted yarn, found on sale at Romni Wools, in Toronto.

I'm making bedsocks for myself out of this stuff, using the Universal Sock Pattern. Socks are, as you can see, my new obsession. I'm also making a pair of black socks (woohoo! black socks!) for D, but it's much harder to photograph black socks.

I wrote a midterm this morning, and now I'm on my reading week. While I fully intend to do a helluva lot of actual reading on this break, I'm also making an Ancaster trip tomorrow, and I plan on making time for some hardcore knitting as well. We'll see how these things progress.


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