The Mote Maintains

Saturday, March 18, 2006

School has been stressing me out, so I just shut down for a few hours and read a novel.  An entire novel, in fact.  In four hours.  hm. 

It was Bitten and Smitten, by Michelle Rowan and it allowed me to just... escape.  It's a good book, a charming book - passably written with an endearing lead, even if the male love interest is kind of mute throughout the book.  I loved just slamming through it in four hours - it's nice to feel that I can escape for a few hours and the world won't fall apart - that I don't always have to be "on" and "available" to everyone around me.  The full-timer at work was very understanding and told me to "take care of myself"  and I sent an email to my bosses to explain the situation and ask for mercy.  So I did get calmed down - it just took a whole lot of unproductive mental health time to do so. 

After my recuperative afternoon, I felt up to getting back to work - I think that was also good for me - I felt kind of soothed once I actually got settled in to get some work done.  I got my term paper prospectus finished for English 2120, and I sent a few emails to profs I need to discuss things with and/or set up meetings with.  I tried to read a little more of Frantz Fanon but gave up on that and read a few more Cicero articles.  I really am having fun with that paper, despite all the stress.

So I guess my day was salvaged.

I'm knitting two pairs of socks, a pair of wristwarmers, and a lace shawl right now.  Maybe I'll post pictures tomorrow when I have a camera and some decent light!