The Mote Maintains

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I made this.


The learning process continues; I've been trying to do a little spinning (sometimes a lot of spinning) each day, as that is the only way I'll stop making crappy singles which turn into even crappier plied yarn. Most of this stuff is the good. That doesn't mean that there haven't been bad bits, because OH YES, there has been much yarn carnage at this house. But pictures of that stuff aren't fit for public consumption. Besides, I prefer to dwell on the beautiful, and these diminutive skeins are, to my mind, just that: gorgeousness.


I think this one has been my favourite so far. It's a 65-35 merino-silk blend, and it is soooo easy to spin - I couldn't believe how easy it was to make those skinnnnny singles, and it was pretty cool to see them become just lofty enough during plying.

I love plying. It's a very satisfying process, because that's when you feel like you've actually made yarn.


This is the stuff that I used in spinning class when Laura taught us how to ply properly. Even though I had tried it myself the week before, with the pink-and-orange merino, I was glad to have the extra instruction, because my plying looks much better now.


Pictures always seem to look nice when I take them in this room - it's my parent's room, but it's got the most light in the whole house.

On Sunday when we got home from Lettuceknit, I accidentally dropped one of my skeins (used to learn Andean plying) in the garden. Below is a reenactment.


Monday, April 03, 2006

This weekend, I made yarn for the very first time.

Earlier in the year, I signed up to take a drop spindle class at Lettuce Knit in Toronto's Kensington Market.

It was heaps of fun, and it resulted in this:

Using Fleece Artist 100% Merino Roving and an Ashford drop spindle, we basically learned the park and draft method to start with. You can see that I didn't quite get the idea at first, so the yarn is very thick and thin - my very first attempts are plied with the stuff I spun later, which showed at least a little improvement - it was a little finer and has much more twist. I love it all to death.

When I got home from school today, it was finished drying, so I skeined it up. And of course, then I couldn't resist taking pictures... It is so colourful! I'm glad I chose something kind of day-glow (not quite as day-glow as the pictures make it seem, though - my camera is a little evil today), because the bright colours just might distract everyone from the slubbiness of bits of it.

And just for fun, this is my handspun taking a bath. It looks so pretty in the water, but then when you take it out it looks very bedraggled and smells strongly of sheep. I expected no less.