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Monday, April 03, 2006

This weekend, I made yarn for the very first time.

Earlier in the year, I signed up to take a drop spindle class at Lettuce Knit in Toronto's Kensington Market.

It was heaps of fun, and it resulted in this:

Using Fleece Artist 100% Merino Roving and an Ashford drop spindle, we basically learned the park and draft method to start with. You can see that I didn't quite get the idea at first, so the yarn is very thick and thin - my very first attempts are plied with the stuff I spun later, which showed at least a little improvement - it was a little finer and has much more twist. I love it all to death.

When I got home from school today, it was finished drying, so I skeined it up. And of course, then I couldn't resist taking pictures... It is so colourful! I'm glad I chose something kind of day-glow (not quite as day-glow as the pictures make it seem, though - my camera is a little evil today), because the bright colours just might distract everyone from the slubbiness of bits of it.

And just for fun, this is my handspun taking a bath. It looks so pretty in the water, but then when you take it out it looks very bedraggled and smells strongly of sheep. I expected no less.


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