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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Fire, Sky, and Socks

Today is my day off. I somehow managed to work every day since Sunday and not notice. I'm not sure how that works, but I think I'm working Sunday to Thursday this coming week. Guess I better make today count, eh?

Work hasn't actually sucked up all my time, apparently, because I have plenty of new stuff to report. There is yet more hand dyed yarn to show you! I've found that I really quite enjoy the whole process of dyeing, now that I've sort of got a routine. I've also figured out how to get more intense colours with the dyes I use.

This one is called fire:

This one is Sky:

And this one is Gem:

I finally realized that the reason I was getting colours that were more pastel than I liked was because I simply wasn't allowing the yarn to cook for long enough. So I've been letting them simmer for an hour for each batch of yarn, and the results have been much more pleasing. The red-and-tangerine one isn't as day-glo as it appears, but it's pretty intense nonetheless.

I'm going to pick one of these to test knit and make sure that there is enough here for a pair of socks. I'll probably use gem because I seem to end up making purple-green space-dyed yarn in every batch. I guess I like the colours. =)

I've also been working away at this big bundle of pink corriedale roving I bought at Romni Wools. It's slow going on just a spindle, but it's pretty enjoyable, especially now that I've figured out how to Navajo-ply on a spindle. So yeah, this is my very first three-ply yarn. I like the way it looks, although I still haven't figured out how to hide that weird little chaining bump.

I need to go back to Romni, because they seem to be the only place around here with yarn by the cone, and I need something I can easily wind off into skeins for dyeing. I've sent emails to a couple different manufacturers in the province, asking whether they sell direct by the cone, but so far no one's even replied. It's a little discouraging but I'll keep trying. In the meantime I've been knitting socks.

These are the Ugly Socks, so named because they are made from pretty much the ugliest colourway of Regia sock yarn on the planet. This was the only thing I found at the Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival that was even remotely worth bringing home. The pattern is my own variation on kathrynt's universal sock pattern. The rows of eyelets spiral all the way up around the leg of the socks. They actually fit marvellously, and I had only one false start with the first cuff - I cast on wayyy too many stitches the first time and had to rip out a few inches of knitting. But that was just a hiccup, because the rest of the project went off without a hitch. It's nice that something is going right in my life right now...

Now I think I'm going to go find a way to make this day count.


  • Such lovely colors! Thank you for the lovely and supportive comment on your blog! I'll be subscribing to your blog on Bloglines. :)

    By Blogger Erin, at 7:07 PM  

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