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Friday, May 12, 2006

Good Day... Bad Day

Yesterday was a bad day, but luckily today has been entirely the opposite.

Yesterday - Woke up feeling horrible because of allergies, after hardly sleeping for not being able to breathe.

Today - Woke up with a clear head, feeling well rested and kind of happy. Okay, really really happy. Not sure why, but I always know it's going to be a great day if I wake up smiling.

Yesterday - Got rained on. Twice.

Today - So far, the heavens have not opened up to smite me. So far.

Yesterday - I had to admit a knitting defeat. Remember this sock?


Yeah. No progress on this sock all semester. I like the yarn - it's Fleece Artist 100% merino handpainted yarn, and the hand and the colourway are both extremely happy-making, but I can't. do. pomatomus.

This pattern seems to be cursed. While I have seen a handful of finished pomatomi, I've seen even more people who've cast on for this one and then given up. I think perhaps it just demands too much to be a viable sock pattern for me.

For me, socks are mindless portable knitting. They are gap-fillers and time-killers. Charts have to be memorizable, and I need to be able to have a conversation while I'm knitting them. Also useful is the ability to scrutinize the last row and know easily where I am in the chart. Socks that do not possess these qualities will almost certainly be relegated to the frog pond.

That was indeed the fate of my pomatomus. I frogged it yesterday and started swatching for something else - toe-up anklet socks with a short slouchy feather and fan cuff (inspiration from Wendy, of course), because my other issues with this yarn was that there isn't enough of it for full-size socks, by my calculations. So this will do nicely, I hope.

So that was yesterday. Today, however, has been a much better day in terms of knitting! Beth emailed me, letting me know that I'd scored some sock yarn in her birthday blog contest! I'm definitely going to send her some hand-dyed yarn in return, because nothing makes me happier than sock yarn.

And... I have some new handspun to show you! This is a purple merino singles yarn plied with a pink thread of quilter's cotton. I have to say I love the way it turned out - sort of like boucle but not a too-showy, too-nubbly boucle. I haven't checked the yardage on these, but I will whenever I get around to giving it a Eucalan bath to set the twist.



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